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Zomato, Domino’s And Other Brands Share Witty Memes


Apple launched its new range of phones and gadgets. Photo: X/SwiggyInstamart

The world of technology has been in a spate of excitement since Tuesday night. At 10:30 pm IST, tech giant Apple unveiled its latest series of products much to the elation of fans. Apple Watch Series 9, Apple iPhone 15, and second-generation AirPods were among the products launched at the coveted event by CEO Tim Cook. The company has incorporated some exciting features including a Type-C universal charger, seamless displays and 48-megapixel cameras. As Apple fans around the world discuss these product launches, food brands join in on the fun.

Food delivery application Zomato was the first one to chime in. Taking a hint from the introduction of the Type-C charger in Apple’s iPhone 15, they gave it a foodie spin. They shared a picture of a cup of chai and called it ‘the best charger’. “Type c on Zomato to order the best charger,” read their post on X (formerly Twitter). Take a look:

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Meanwhile, Swiggy had its own set of mathematical calculations going on after the Apple launch event. They calculated how many plates of chole bhature and lassi they would have to forego to be able to afford the latest edition of the iPhone. “Solving important questions,” they captioned their tweet. Further, Swiggy Instamart said that the new version of iPhone 15 was nothing but a revamped version of the older one. Take a look at the funny tweets here:

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A couple of other food brands such as Domino’s, Subway and KFC India chimed into the banter around the Apple launch event too. Domino’s took a dig at the battery life of iPhones, saying, “Hope the iPhone 15 battery lasts longer than my social battery at a party without pizza.” Meanwhile, Subway compared two pieces of cabbage to each other and asked their followers to spot the differences between the two. KFC played a clever foodie twist to the ‘Type C’ charger on the new range of Apple iPhones. Take a look at the posts here:

What did you think of the hilarious foodie posts by various food brands on the Apple launch event? Tell us in the comments.

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