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World Is Looking For A Friend In Us


PM Modi said that the old Parliament building will now be known as Samvidan Sadan.

New Delhi:
PM Narendra Modi in his address to the of gathering of MPs at the historic Central Hall of the old Parliament building during a function to commemorate the rich legacy of the Parliament of India asserted that world is looking for a “friend” in India.

Here are the top 10 quotes of PM Modi’s final speech in Old Parliament:

  1. This building and this central hall are in a way full with our emotions. It is in this central hall where India’s flag and national anthem were adopted.

  2. India is resolved to be among top 3 economies. India will make it to top 3.

  3. The way India’s youth are going forward in the tech space, the world is in awe.

  4. India’s aspirations should be a priority. Our canvas has to be bigger, then we can draw a bigger future of the country.

  5. There was a time when people used to question if my ‘Atmanirbhar model’ will become a threat to multilateralism. But within 5 years, the world started speaking about India’s ‘Atmanirbhar model’.

  6. We must work with the mindset of crossing global benchmarks in all sectors. We must focus on quality to meet the world’s expectations.

  7. We are most populated country for the first time, that too with the greatest youth power.

  8. India is on its way to make its businesses reach the global competition and markets. Knowledge and innovation are needs of the hour.

  9. Today, the world is focused on India. India is going forward as ‘Vishwamitra‘. The world is looking for a friend in us. And India is benefiting from this. We are leading the world. 

  10. Even as we move to a new parliament, the dignity of the old building becomes no less. Can’t discard it as just the old building. It will now be known as Samvidan Sadan.

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