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Who Paid For Delhi’s Makeover? AAP vs BJP Over G20 Preparations


AAP said only the projects on roads by NDMC and NHAI have been funded by the Centre.

New Delhi:

The cost of sprucing up Delhi before next month’s three-day G-20 Summit has set off a row between the BJP and the city’s ruling Aam Aadmi Party. The BJP claims that it was all done through Central funds, drew a stinging retort from AAP. In response, the BJP challenged AAP to name a single project they have funded.

Delhi has been going full throttle for a makeover since last year under the watchful eyes of Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena.

Demolition drives have been held parallelly with re-building, painting, tree planting, adding new lights and signages. Now AAP and BJP are at loggerheads over who footed the bill.

The BJP is hoping to showcase India’s standing in the international arena as a plank for next year’s assembly election. For it, India’s presidency of the G20 and its hosting the year-long event is crucial.

Last week, state BJP chief Virendraa Sachdeva said whatever beautification or development works related to G-20 are being done in Delhi by the Delhi Government and the Municipal Corporation of Delhi — “All these are being done with the funds provided by the Central Government”.

“If the Kejriwal government had worked on the announced plans for the beautification of its markets, many major markets of Delhi would have been shining today before the G-20 conference,” he had added.

In a statement, AAP said only the projects on roads by NDMC (New Delhi Municipal Corporation) and NHAI (National Highway Authority of India) have been funded by the Centre.

“It is shocking to see that the BJP had to pass the developmental work done by the AAP government as their own. All money on PWD roads was spent by the PWD of Delhi Govt., and all money on the MCD roads was spent by the MCD,” AAP said.

“The Central government has only spent money on Wherever NDMC and NHAI roads stand. This level of politics is not going to help the country,” the party added, accusing he BJP of indulging in “dirty politics”.

The Delhi BJP chief lost no time in hitting back.

“Delhi’s makeover for G-20 is fully funded by the central government and it is shameful to see Kejriwal and his ministers trying to steal the credit,” tweeted Mr Sachdeva.

“Even the concept of wall painting has been started by the central government first in Pragati Maidan tunnel and later in NDMC area… I challenge Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to name a single project of beautification or development done by his government in Delhi in preparation for the G-20,” he posted on X, formerly Twitter.

During the G-20 Presidency, the country has around 200 meetings in 32 different sectors in multiple locations on its to-do list.
The Summit in Delhi will be one of most high-profile international gatherings to be hosted by India.

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