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WATCH : Karen Door Dash Driver Gets Punished After Going Insane Over Low $8 Tip


A DELIVERY driver has been branded a ‘Karen’ after complaining a £6 tip was too low – and then walking away with a customer’s food after they refused to pay her extra.

Door camera footage has captured the incredible exchange, in New York, which left a bloke without his dinner.

A twitter page ‘Fight Haven’ shared the clip, from a DoorDash driver, who rings a bloke’s bell to let him know the food has arrived.

He thanks her and asks if she can leave it on the porch, but she keeps ringing the bell claiming she needs to chat to him.

She says: “I need to speak to you actually. I don’t think you realise where we’re coming from so I need to speak to you.”

She complained the £6 he'd given was too low and wanted more

Puzzled, he asks her: “Where what’s coming from?”

She replies: “Where the food you ordered is coming from, I don’t think you realise the distance that it’s come from, because then you would never, have given what you gave.

“So I think you can see me face to face.”

Clearly confused, the man keeps asking her what the problem is – before soon realising she’s complaining about money.

Despite giving her a £6 ($8) tip, the woman reckons it’s too low as it took her 40 minutes to get here – and wants him to pay her more.

She keeps demanding more money, saying: “I drove 40 minutes and it was extremely far, and I got it to you early.

Shockingly she takes away the food after the bloke refuses to pay up

“I don’t think you realize where you ordered it from.”

The bloke is at a loss, telling her the drive between the restaurant and his house – in Smithtown and Commack – should have only taken her 15 minutes.

She protests, saying: “I just drove it, it’s 40 minutes. It’s 12 and a half miles, so I don’t think you realise how far it is.”

He tells her she shouldn’t have picked up the order if it was that far, but she tried to defend herself and claim that she didn’t know the drop-off until she’d accepted the order.

“I think you need to adjust your tip to make it right,” she says bluntly.

Delivery driver branded a 'Karen' after refusing to deliver food unless she  got more than a £6 tip | The Sun

Furious, the bloke raged: “What the hell are you looking for? I gave an $8 tip.”

But she cuts him off and simply says “I’m going to bring the food back,” before picking up his delivery and walking off with it.

The man is in shock, and can be heard swearing as she walks down the drive, complaining about the amount of time it took her.

The clip has racked up more than 500,000 views, as people branded the woman a ‘Karen’.

Commenting online, one person said: “I’m confused she wants a bigger tip after his food sat on a car for 40 min?? Thats cold by now….”

VIDEO: Furious DoorDash Driver Confronts Customer Over $8 Tip, Storms Away  With Food - BroBible

Another wrote: “Restaurant is not taking that food back. Hope he gets refunded.”

A third thought: “When did DoorDash start delivering Karens?”

This person reckoned: “Why is she complaining about an $8 tip when she took 40 minutes to finish a 12 minute drive?”

While another added: “‘I drove 40 minutes.’ So my food is cold? Just great.”

DoorDash told Fabulous Digital: “We take the safety of our community extremely seriously, and such inappropriate behavior is never tolerated on the DoorDash platform.

“Any behavior that violates this zero tolerance policy is grounds for deactivation, and the Dasher involved has been removed from our platform.

“We have been in touch with the customer to offer support, and sincerely regret that this incident fell short of the experience we strive to provide every day.”

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