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US Official On Expectations From G20 Summit, In Hindi


New Delhi:

The United States, ahead of G20 Summit, hit out at the Russia for not only skipping important global events but also constantly attacking Ukraine despite its impact on global recession. Heads of states of several countries have gathered in New Delhi to try and find solutions to some of the world’s pressing problems. The G20 Summit comes amid a deep geopolitical divide over the war in Ukraine that threatens any progress. Russia’s Vladimir Putin and China Xi Jinping has announced that they will skip the meet.

US State Department spokesperson Margaret Macleod spoke exclusively to NDTV about Putin’s absence, India’s G20 presidency and several other issues.

“Whoever comes to represent Russia or China, we are willing to work with them. But, not only has Russia exited the black sea grain, but attacks food storage units in Ukraine. This is making a huge impact on global recession,” Ms Macleod said, in fluent Hindi.

She also lauded India on the way they have organised the Summit and also played a key role during its term as G20 President.

“India has given its flavour to G20, and is showcasing it vibrant culture to the world,” she said.

The two-day G20 Summit will begin in New Delhi tomorrow and will witness discussions on issues ailing the world.

Ahead of the summit, strict traffic curbs have been put in place to restrict the movement of vehicles in the area where the G20 summit venue and hotels for delegates are located.

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