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Union Power Minister To RK Singh


Mr Singh was speaking at the NDTV Conclave.

New Delhi:

Union Power Minister RK Singh today said India is a world leader in energy transition and climate action and the narrative being spread by “some NGOs in the developed world” is totally misleading.

Speaking at the NDTV Decoding G20 Conclave today, the minister said the NGOs will, for example, say that India is a huge country and therefore its total emissions are high. 

“That is ridiculous, you don’t decide on the emissions depending on the size of the country. A small island will be consuming huge quantities of energy per capita, yet its total emissions will be less. You have to talk about it in per capita terms, like you talk about GDP. The narrative has to change,” he said. 

The Minister For Power, New and Renewable Energy also claimed that India will far exceed its promise made in Glasgow to have 50% of its power capacity from non-fossil fuel sources by 2030 and actually achieve a figure of 65%. The promise was made at the COP26 in 2021. 

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