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Top 7 cancer diseases that have increased enormously since people are given injections of Covid spike proteins

6-Month-Old Baby Dies “Suddenly” After Receiving Four Vaccines – Doctors Baffled
Life-support equipments surrounds an incubator holding a premature baby, born after a term of 34 weeks. The infant is suffering from respiratory distress syndrome, also called hyaline membrane disease, a condition in which the lungs do not expand properly. Respiratory distress syndrome arises due to the lack of surfactant in the lungs, a substance that serves to reduce the surface tension of the air sacs & results in intensely laboured, shallow breathing. Biopsy examination reveals the presence of hyaline material in the collapsed air sacs of the lungs. Photographed at a Maternity Hospital in Kuwait.

Ever since the Covid-19 “vaccines” came out, millions of vaccinees get cancer “out of the blue” or their current cancer case has suddenly gotten worse, or they had cancer that went into remission, and suddenly the cancer has come back more intensely.

What causes almost any type of cancer to worsen within a few months? What poison do so many people “consume” in recent years that so many cancer cases are increasing exponentially? More than a quarter of a million women will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer again by 2022, with incidence rates continuing to rise. More than 230,000 new cases of lung cancer will also be diagnosed in 2022. And after a decades-long decline, the number of prostate cancer cases is now rising. What on earth is happening?

Oddly enough, since the Covid-19 “vaccines” came out, millions of injected victims develop cancer “out of the blue” or their current case of cancer suddenly got worse, or they had cancer that went into remission, and suddenly the cancer has come back more intensely. This requires careful consideration. Let’s take a closer look at this.

Dramatic increase in early stage cancers since the experimental mRNA Covid injections were released for mass human trials

You could say that there are several billion guinea pigs on earth who wonder like confused zombies why they suddenly have chronic inflammation. Any human injected with experimental mRNA “technology” is like a laboratory animal, waiting to find out if the “drug” works or if it incapacitates them.

Millions of cancer deaths are now being hidden by the medical-industrial complex and the vaccine-industrial complex.

A doctor in British Columbia, Dr. Charles Hoffe, PET/CT scans of cancer patients who had received a Pfizer mRNA booster shot a week earlier found that they had rapid progression of T-cell lymphoma, a dramatic increase in gastrointestinal lesions, plus a turbo effect of proliferation of cells in the lymph nodes under the arms near the armpits. It’s called TURBO CANCER because the spike proteins serve as a turbo-like fuel or carcinogen that feeds the cancer cells so they multiply exponentially and invade the rest of the body. The spike proteins literally turn off genes that fight cancer (P-53), leaving the genome unprotected.

It turns out that spike proteins are the perfect food to feed cancer. That means the majority of Covid-vaccinated patients could suffer serious health damage in the coming months and years, especially as more and more people get booster shots. Cancer cells in the Covid vaccine-injected body are fed, while the human immune system is instructed (think mRNA) to retreat and not fight the cancer.

Toxic prions, known as “spike proteins”, are recognized by the immune system as foreign invaders and pathogens that invade vital organs

Attack of the deadly clones. Tiny terrorists (spike proteins), dressed up and wearing a “mask” that resembles a lab-made virus, invade human organs, causing the immune system to attack, while giving malignant cancer cells the fuel they need to grow and to take control. These toxic prions mimic a deadly virus, and they don’t stay in the injection site as the vaccine industrial complex misleads the masses with their misinformation about it .

Everyone who is battling cancer or has already fought and defeated it now faces a new challenge, and it is more of a war than a battle. Millions of spike proteins floating around in their Covid vaccine injected system, and it’s like spreading candy around the house for the cockroaches and ants to find. Cancer is fueled by the Covid flu shots and the MSM doesn’t say a word about it. Just look at the exploding cases of all types of cancer over the past two years, and you’ll see.

#1. Turbocancer – existing tumors grow exponentially faster (plus multiple tumors in multiple organs).

#2. Breast cancer

#3. Recurrence (and metastases) after complete remission prior to Covid injection(s)

#4. Lung and bronchus cancer

#5. prostate cancer

#6. Colon and rectal cancer

#7. Stomach and esophageal cancer

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