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Telangana Woman Delivers Baby On Road As Ambulance Runs Out Of Fuel


Nirmal district collector Varun Reddy denied reports that an ambulance could not reach on time.


A pregnant woman delivered her baby on the side of a road in a remote area of Telangana’s Nirmal district on Thursday after she was carried across a stream while in labour. The ambulance that was supposed to pick her up had run out of diesel.

Gangamani, a tribal woman, from the remotely located Thulasipet village of Pembi Mandal went into labour and was forced to deliver her baby boy on the side of the road after being stranded there for a reported four hours.

Gangamani’s husband said that when she went into labour, they called for an ambulance. However, due to the lack of road connectivity, the ambulance could not reach them. With the help of villagers, she crossed the Dothi stream, but even on the other side, the ambulance did not arrive because it had reportedly run out of diesel.

“We even sent Rs 500 for the fuel over Google Pay, but the vehicle did not come. The baby was delivered on the road,” the husband said.

Subsequently, a 108 ambulance arrived, cut the umbilical cord, and transported the woman and her newborn son to a nearby hospital. Both the baby and the mother are doing well now.

Nirmal district collector Varun Reddy told NDTV that the expected date of delivery for the baby was September 22. 

“Usually in remote areas that are not easily accessible, we move the pregnant women a few days in advance. But this was almost four weeks before the expected date of delivery,” Mr Reddy said. 

The Collector denied reports that an ambulance could not reach on time due to a diesel shortage. 

“The ambulance did reach the location, but since she was already in labour, she was not moved and they decided to deliver the baby there. Now, the baby and mother are doing well at the Community Health Centre in Khanapur,” he said. 

Mr Reddy acknowledged that there was no road connectivity to Thulasipet village after a bridge was washed away in floods last year. 

“We have invited tenders for building a new bridge, but no one has responded yet,” he said.

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