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Punjab’s ‘Kulhad Pizza’ Couple Files Police Case Amid Row Over Viral Video


Sehaj Arora called the viral video “fake”

New Delhi:

A couple from Punjab, who went viral for selling kulhad pizza, are embroiled in a controversy after a clip, allegedly featuring them, surfaced on the Internet. The food cart owner, Sehaj Arora, has termed the footage as fake and registered a police complaint.

Sehaj Arora and his wife gained popularity for offering a unique pizza in a Jalandhar street that is served in kulhad or earthen cups. The couple’s videos preparing the pizza were shared widely on social media where the husband and wife also shared how they met and fell for each other before tying the knot.  

Lately, a video is being circulated on social media that purportedly shows the proprietors of “Kulhad Pizza” in a compromising position. After the video went viral, Mr Arora issued a clarification on Wednesday calling the clip “fake”.

In a video on Instagram, Mr Arora, standing outside a police station in Jalandhar, alleged that someone sent them the “fake” video on Instagram and demanded money. He added that they refused to give the money after which the video was shared online.

He also said that he approached the police and filed an official complaint. He stressed that the video was completely fake and could have been possibly generated using artificial intelligence. He also appealed to people to not share the clip.

On Friday, Sehaj Arora released another video message where he was seen detailing what he and his wife, who recently became parents, went through after the controversy.

Mr Arora said he wouldn’t get into whether the video is fake or not but would talk about their current situation and what they are facing.

Sehaj Arora shared that the woman who blackmailed them over the viral clip was arrested by the police.

He also accused a YouTuber named Karan Dutta of spreading the fake video and highlighted the impact of it on him and his family.

Karan Dutta, however, responded to the allegations in several videos on his YouTube channel and denied any wrongdoing while questioning Sehaj Arora’s claims.

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