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Passengers Escape In Nick Of Time As Bus Catches Fire In Argentina


Firefighters reached the spot quickly and douse the fire.

A scary video of passengers escaping a bus moments before it caught fire on the side of a busy road is going viral on social media. The incident took place in Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires on Wednesday, as per the BBC. Quoting local media, the outlet said that fire was caused by an electrical issue. It added that no one was injured. The unexpected event took other car drivers by surprise and traffic was affected traffic on the lane. The short clip was released by the police in Argentina.

As the video begins, a small fire is seen at the back of the bus and the passengers getting off it and running away.

A few seconds later, the fire intensifies and engulfs the entire bus. It even covers the part of the road due to the fuel spilling over. A vehicle passing by narrowly escapes catching fire.

By this time, the entire stretch of the road is seen covered in flames and thick black smoke surrounding the spot. Moments later, the entire bus is seen engulfed in flames and smoke getting thicker.

However, firefighters reached the spot quickly and douse the fire.

The remains of the bus are seen in the final moments of the 22-second video.

Security cameras for the Buenos Aires police captured footage of the incident that took place on the General Paz highway.

Social media users were shocked by the footage. Some of them wanted to know if it was an electric bus. Others prayed for the well-being of those who escaped just in time.

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