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Man Dies Of Heart Attack While Running On Treadmill At Ghaziabad Gym


Two men standing nearby ran to help him after he collapsed.

A shocking video has emerged from Ghaziabad that shows a young man collapsing in a gym while running on a treadmill. The incident took place on Saturday in Saraswati Vihar. The victim, Siddharth Kumar Singh, experienced a sudden and fatal heart attack during his exercise routine. This is yet another case where a person has collapsed suddenly. A few months ago, one man died while waiting at the office of a property dealer, and another one collapsed during the dance at a wedding.

The moment in Ghaziabad has been captured on CCTV installed in the gym and shows Mr Singh stopping suddenly on the treadmill and slowly losing consciousness. Seconds later, he collapses on the machine.

Other concerned gym-goers rushed to help Mr Singh but couldn’t revive him.

The video also shows two men standing a few feet away from Mr Singh during the incident, and running quickly to pick him up after he fell on the treadmill.

After collapsing at the gym, Mr Singh was quickly taken to a hospital nearby, but unfortunately, his life could not be saved. Mr Singh was a first-year student at a college in Noida and the am only child. He lived with his father in Noida, his mother is a teacher in a government school in Bihar. 

Mr Singh had spoken to his mother 10 minutes before the tragic incident. His father later took his body to his hometown Siwan in Bihar.

The gym has been closed since the incident.

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