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It’s NOT the virus: Deaths of teens and twenties skyrocket after release of COVID-19 “vaccines”


In the first two and a half years of the coronavirus (COVID-19), there have been about 150,000 additional deaths among Americans under the age of 45. Half of these deaths, we now know, have occurred in the last year since the “vaccines” were introduced as part of Operation Warp Speed, writes Ethan Huff .

Why are so many people dying, you may ask? The answer is certainly not because of “COVID”. Prior to the jab, those additional deaths likely came from the trauma and terror of lockdowns, mask mandates and forced societal collapse. The rest came from the injections.

Joel Smalley detailed all of this in a detailed article on his Substack blog. As bad as the situation was and is for those under 45, it is “much worse” for those under 25, Smalley said.

“Whether you blame the collateral damage from past interventions or the mRNA mass experiment, it’s a tragic, indisputable fact that young Americans are dying at a much higher rate of late than before in the COVID epidemic,” writes Smalley.

“I’m just curious. If you’ve lost a young relative in America, aren’t you curious too? Nearly 4 million life years have been lost since the start of the mRNA experiment. How does that compare to the COVID life years lost before that date?”

The “virus” was never the problem

Just two months after Donald Trump unleashed “Operation Warp Speed” on the world, some 1,200 above-average deaths in the under-25 age group have already been reported in the United States.

Do not forget that the young people under 25 had not even received the green light for vaccination at that time. Around that time, the government would start urging younger people to get vaccinated, leading to an even greater increase in deaths in the coming months.

“A year later, at the end of February 2022, the number of deaths under the age of 25 had risen to about 6,000 — a fivefold increase,” the Exposé reports .

The pharmaceutical industry, along with the military-industrial complex known as our government, was quick to blame new “variants” of the COVID flu for this increase in deaths.

First it was Delta, then Omicron (or Moronic if you rearrange the letters as an anagram), and now they’re “sub-variants” of the two – and it’ll probably go on for a while.

What you will never hear is that all these made-up deaths from variants and subvariants are really just deaths from the COVID-19 flu vaccine under a different name.

It is also important to note that before the introduction of vaccinations, most of the deaths among young people occurred during the period of government-imposed COVID measures – meaning the alleged “virus” is not to blame.

“The number of deaths increases more after COVID (government) measures than with the apparent emergence of a new pathogen,” according to the Exposé.

“The death rate is rising more in the wake of the massive mRNA experiment than with the alleged emergence of a new pathogen, despite claims that the medical procedure is safe and effective.”

In the comments, someone complained that too few people think it’s important to get to the bottom of this. It can be unpleasant, but it has to happen, said this person.

“Scotland rules out vaccination for newborn deaths without even testing for it, and nobody cares,” this person added. “What world do we live in?”

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