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ISRO Chief S Somanath Receives Warm Welcome From IndiGo Staff And Passengers


The air hostess welcomes S Somanath onboard with a speech addressing all passengers on the flight.

On August 23, history was scripted when Chandrayaan-3’s lander Vikram touched down on the lunar surface, making India only the fourth country to achieve that feat, and the first to land on the uncharted south pole of Earth’s nearest celestial neighbour. Much of the credit for the enormous success goes to ISRO chief S Somanath, who is the brain behind India’s ambitious Moon mission. 

Ever since the incredible feat, Mr. Somanath and the scientists at ISRO have been receiving an outpouring of love and appreciation from across the globe, and rightly so. Recently, the ISRO chief received an exceptionally warm welcome from Indigo’s cabin crew and passengers upon boarding the flight. 

With pride in her voice, the air hostess greeted Mr. Somanath and urged other passengers to welcome the “national hero”. Following the words of praise, fellow passengers and crew members gave him a big round of applause. Some also turned to catch a glimpse of the celebrated scientist. Another flight attendant was seen handing over a few goodies and a note of gratitude to him, which he accepts with a smile.

The video was shared on Instagram with the caption, “MR S SOMANATH – The chairman of ISRO. Felt privileged to get a chance to serve Mr S. Somanath on board our INDIGO flight. ”It’s always a pleasure to have national heroes on our flight,” the text insert reads. 

Watch the video here:

”I’m glad to announce the presence of Mr S Somanath- the chairman of ISRO who boarded our flight today. A huge round of applause for Mr S Somanath and his team. We are proud to have you on board, sir. Thank you so much for making India proud,” said the air hostess.

Reacting to the heartfelt video, one user said, ”That’s really sweet of you to welcome our Chairman sir. Thank you for showing some love towards ISRO.”

Another commented, ”Proud moment and you are very luck to get a chance to meet him and to greet him.”

A third said, ”Thank you so much to you..for giving respect to real hero..India is changing for sure.”

A fourth added, ”He’s so down to earth.”

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