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Influencer Linda Andrade Sparks Outrage After Blowing Over $2 Million Of Her Husband’s Money In A Week


Influencer Linda Andrade (left) married Ricky Andrade when she was 19 years old.

Famous social media influencer Linda Andrade regularly shares extravagant videos on her social media, featuring shopping extravaganzas, high-end handbags, and luxurious jewelry, all from the viewpoint of a “wife of a millionaire.”

The well-known 24-year-old spouse of a Dubai millionaire, who has often been the subject of criticism from social media users due to her videos showcasing a luxurious lifestyle and extravagant shopping sprees, has once again sparked controversy. This time, it’s because she revealed spending over $2 million of her husband’s money on shopping in just one week.

According to the New York Post, a video detailing her profligate spending spree has amassed over 580,000 views on TikTok. She is reportedly married to a super-rich, Dubai-based forex and crypto baron named Ricky Andrade, whom she reportedly married when she was just 19.

“I don’t have any shame in flaunting a gold-digger aesthetic,” Andrade, 23, told The New York Post while describing her conspicuous spending habits.

The social media sensation Linda Andrade, also known as “Original Dubai Housewife,” flaunts her life of luxury to nearly 600,000 followers.

In her latest and most controversial clip, Linda allegedly decided to blow a whopping $2.5 million in a week, per a clip making the rounds online.

The Post reported that these exorbitant expenditures were broken down into a $1,411,008 deposit, $356,214 on shopping, $229,141 in cash, $7,210 on chocolate, $201,200 in gold, $52,210 in “fun money,” and $216,789 on a “random Wednesday,” evoking some kind of perverse credit card ad for the mega-rich.

Linda’s flaunting of her ostentatious wealth didn’t go over well with the online community, and it triggered anger among many social media users. They accused her of exaggerating her spending spree merely for the sake of gaining attention and popularity on social media.

“How do you have infinite money like this, bro?” commented a user.

“This is not a flex. This is a waste,” wrote another user.

“I cry when I spend $10 at McDonald’s,” commented a third user.

According to Insider Linda Andrade, she is based between Dubai and California. She married her husband Ricky five years ago and has since built a social media presence around their luxury lifestyle.

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