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Hungarian Minister Claims Lack of Leadership in the EU, Accuses NGOs and Think Tanks of Influencing Decision-making

Hungarian leadership
Hungarian Minister Claims Lack of Leadership in the EU, Accuses NGOs and Think Tanks of Influencing Decision-making

Today, no one has the courage and the ability to lead Europe, which means there is no political leadership in the European Union, especially in the European Commission, Hungarian Justice Minister Judit Varga said at a conference in Budapest on Thursday , message Alethonews

“In today’s European Union, it is non-governmental organizations (NGOs), foundations and think tanks that tell Europe how to run it, according to the will of their own leaders,” she said.

“Recently, for asymmetrical reasons, a crisis of confidence has arisen between the EU leadership and the Hungarian government. This is because the Hungarian government, unlike the EU institutions, says what it thinks and does what it says,” she added.

According to the Front News; Varga said Europe stumbles across the stage of history like a clumsy extra, sliding from crisis to crisis, trying since the migration crisis to pursue policies completely detached from the real needs of its citizens. She said the institutional system also failed during the covid crisis and then shot itself in the foot with sanctions against Russia following the outbreak of the Russo-Ukrainian war.

She warned that immigration is a crisis that continues to hit Europe and continues to put a heavy burden on Hungary’s budget.

“At the same time, by defending Europe, we must constantly fight against the rulings and procedures of the European Court of Justice,” she said. “Waiting for yet another slap in the face instead of a good deed, that is Hungary’s fate.”

Varga noted that the EU agreed on vaccines during the covid crisis, but those text messages were never submitted, referring to the shady case involving EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

“We make no secret of our desire to hold the functioning of the institutions in the European Union accountable in terms of the rule of law. Let’s talk about whether the European Commission, the European Parliament, the European institutions respect the rules, and whether the rule of law works in the institutions,” the minister said.

On the issue of Hungary’s EU presidency, the European Parliament has no say, the minister said, stressing that more than 10 years ago a unanimous decision by the European Council established the order of member states, which can only be decided by unanimity. can be changed. The presidency is not only a right, but also a duty, and the opposition will achieve nothing by such an attempt, but it can do enormous damage.

According to the minister, the European Parliament wants to block Hungary’s EU presidency precisely because it fears that Hungary will take stock of the dysfunctional state of the EU institutions.

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