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Human Skull Found In A Box Of Donations In US


A human skull was found in a Goodwill donation box in Arizona.

A human skull was located inside a donation box at a Goodwill store in Arizona. This discovery has led local authorities to launch an investigation into this “unusual” donation.

The police were alerted to the discovery of the skull and responded accordingly. They took control of what they believed to be a genuine human skull.

A photo shared by the Goodyear police reveals the skull covered in dark black spots, with its upper front teeth still in place and a fake eye placed in the left eye socket.

“Their preliminary findings confirm it is in fact a human skull and that it appears to be historic. In addition, it does not appear to have any forensic significance, meaning it is not associated with a crime. Thank you to Goodwill employees who took action and reported this to police,” the police department wrote in an Instagram post.

Officials from Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona explained that they followed their company’s guidelines by quickly informing the police as soon as they discovered the skull.

Speaking to ABC15, a police spokesperson, Lisa Berry, said the box was delivered sometime during the weekend and was later opened by employees on Tuesday.

The skull “did not ever make it to the floor. It was in the donation box, again, with other taxidermy items,” Berry said, adding, “This is an unusual one.”

According to authorities, the box was placed inside a store’s donation bin, and it did not have a return address on it.

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