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Harsh Goenka’s Post On ISRO Chief S Somanath’s Monthly Salary Sparks Debate


Mr Goenka’s post has garnered more than 746,000 views.

Harsh Goenka, the chairman of RPG Group, often shares motivational and interesting posts to keep his social media followers entertained. His witty and humorous tweets also garner much traction online. This time, the industrialist took to X (formerly Twitter) to discuss Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) chairman S Somanath’s salary. 

In his post, Mr Goenka revealed that S Somanath earns Rs 2.5 lakhs a month. He further asked people if it was a fair monthly income but also stated about S Somanath’s passion for science and research. 

“Chairman of ISRO, Somanath’s salary is Rs 2.5 lakhs month. Is it right and fair? Let’s understand people like him are motivated by factors beyond money. They do what they do for their passion and dedication to science and research, for national pride to contribute to their country, and for personal fulfillment in terms of achieving their purpose. I bow my head to dedicated people like him!” Mr Goneka wrote on X. 

Take a look below: 

Several internet users flocked to the microblogging site to share their reactions. 

“Absolutely! The dedication and passion of individuals like Chairman Somanath at ISRO are immeasurable. Their work goes beyond monetary rewards, driven by a deep commitment to science, research, and the betterment of their nation. They are true inspirations, and their contributions to society are invaluable,” wrote one user. 

“He should be getting 25 Lakhs a month, or more. Period. We should recognize and reward our talent,” said another. 

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A third user comments, “It should also depends upon other perks like home, car, servants and other non monetary fringes. But as you said, he doesn’t find money as the biggest motivation. For him, success and nation’s pride is biggest factor”. 

A fourth added, “Indeed. Such brilliant minds are driven by passion and purpose. But the salary quoted by you is perhaps the basic pay only. The other perks and allowances need to be added, too. Scientists are adequately well looked after, and they truly deserve it. Yes, it is also the fact that they could have earned many times over in the private sector. But that is also true for doctors, judges, researchers, and many other professionals”. 

Mr Goenka’s post has garnered more than 746,000 views and hundreds of likes and comments. 

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