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G20 Sherpa Lists Hard Work Behind Delhi Consensus


The G20 Sherpa has received all-round praise for his and his team’s work

New Delhi:

Two hundred hours of non-stop negotiations, 300 bilateral meetings and 15 drafts went into achieving consensus on the Ukraine conflict, paving the way for G 20’s adoption of New Delhi declaration.

This was shared by G20 Sherpa Amitabh Kant as he appreciated two members of his team for their tireless work during the summit.

“The most complex part of the entire #G20 was to bring consensus on the geopolitical paras (Russia-Ukraine). This was done over 200 hours of non -stop negotiations, 300 bilateral meetings, 15 drafts. In this, I was greatly assisted by two brilliant officers – @NagNaidu08 & @eenamg,” he posted on X, formerly Twitter.

The G20’s adoption of New Delhi declaration is being seen as a huge win for India against the backdrop of the challenges in reaching consensus due to the Ukraine conflict and differences over tackling climate change.

Following the bloc’s adoption of New Delhi Declaration, Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday announced, “I have received good news. Due to the hard work of our team, consensus has been built on New Delhi G20 Leaders’ Summit Declaration. My proposal is to adopt this leadership declaration. I announce to adopt this declaration. On this occasion, I congratulate my Sherpa, ministers, who worked hard for it and made it possible.”

At a press briefing yesterday, Mr Kant said, “When we started the presidency, PM Modi said that India’s presidency should be inclusive, decisive, and action-oriented. The New Delhi Declaration has 83 paras in all, and all 83 paras have 100 per cent consensus across all countries. There are eight paras on geopolitical issues titled ‘Planet, People, Peace and Prosperity’. All those eight pars have 100 per cent consensus”.

“All countries have unanimously supported the New Delhi Leaders Declaration. This is one declaration without a single footnote and without any Chairs Summary. This is a complete statement with 100 per cent unanimity,” he added.

The G20 Sherpa has received all-round praise for his and his team’s work behind building consensus on contentious issues such as Ukraine.

Among those who praised him was senior Congress leader and MP Shashi Tharoor. Mr Tharoor, who has earlier served as under secretary general at United Nations, had words of appreciation for Mr Kant and said this is a proud moment for India.

“Well done @amitabhk87! Looks lile the IFS lost an ace diplomat when you opted for the IAS! “Negotiated with Russia, China, only last night got final draft,” says India’s G20 Sherpa on ‘Delhi Declaration’ consensus. A proud moment for India at G20!,” Mr Tharoor tweeted.

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