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DoorDash Driver Scrawls ‘Secret Code’ On Customer’s Home In US


Reddit user shared a seven-second clip of security footage

A US woman is seeking answers after a DoorDash driver scrawled ‘514’ on the facade of her house during a delivery.

“Ordered food today … the dasher came and dropped it off, but then wrote 514 above my garage in permanent marker,” a Reddit user named Abigail who goes by the handle yellowenthusiastt wrote alongside a photo of the vandalism

She added, “It’s all caught on camera. I’m just really confused lol.”

In another post, the Reddit user shared a seven-second clip of security footage which shows the DoorDash driver’s bizarre act in broad daylight.

In the video, the driver can be seen walking up to the house carrying a plastic bag containing the delivery. Moments later, the man returned to his vehicle and grabbed a permanent marker before walking back to the house and scrawling it with ‘514’. He left the premises soon after.

Why did my dasher write ‘514′ on the side of my house?
byu/yellowenthusiastt indoordash

Reddit users were quick to share theories about what the numbers might mean. Several users speculated that the driver might be marking the house so it could be robbed later.

A user wrote, “As someone from a South American s – – thole, here in my country when a thief sees a house that can have stuff of value, they mark it to rob it later, usually with more people, they use different symbols and code to inform about what’s in the house (ex: dog, armed owner, high end tech, art, etc..). I don’t know how probable that is where you live at, but that’s the first thing that crossed my mind when I saw it, stay safe.”

Another user commented, “If it’s a code for theft, it could be that your car in the video is being marked to have the catalytic converter stolen. Hyundais, in particular, have very easily accessible catalytic converters. We had someone provide a service at our house recently, and the next day, the catalytic converter was gone. While we can’t prove it was related to the previous service, I suspect that some of the jobs that come to houses have people keeping an eye out for those who would come by later. Probably get a cut.”

Revealing the user decided to hid the identity of the driver. Abigail wrote, “People are confused as so why i censored their faces and some comments here are exactly why – i don’t know them. and while yes, they vandalized our property, im not on here to send and hate/harassment towards them. idk why they did it, but i also know people online can take things and run with them too far – so i could very well put them in danger by putting their faces out there. I posted this because i really just did think it was odd/silly and wanted to know if anyone else had it happen to them.”

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