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Delhi Woman Kills Boyfriend’s Son. Then Dials Him To Say…


New Delhi:

Right after killing the 11-year-old boy in Delhi, she dialled the child’s father, her boyfriend, chillingly telling him that she has snatched the “most precious thing” from him.

The woman, Puja Kumari, was in a relationship with the boy’s father, Jitendra, and the two had started living together in 2019. But three years later, the man went back to his wife and son.

This, the police said, had triggered Puja’s temper.

“I took the most precious thing from you,” the woman told the boy’s father in a phone call.

On August 10, the woman asked a common friend for the address of  Jitendra’s house in Inderpuri.

Upon reaching the man’s house, she found the door open, and the boy sleeping on a bed.

In a statement, the police said the woman strangled the boy as he slept and concealed the body inside the box bed.

The cops zeroed in on the woman with the help of CCTV cameras.

The woman was arrested on Tuesday, five days after the murder.

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