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“Centre Willing To Engage With INDIA Bloc Over Facts”: Nirmala Sitharaman’s Top Quotes


New Delhi:
The G20, Sanatana Dharma, and INDIA bloc – in an exclusive interview with NDTV, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman spoke about India’s grand success in hosting a global event and slammed the Opposition over DMK leader Udhayanidhi Stalin’s remarks.

Here are Nirmala Sitharaman’s top quotes:

  1. On G20 Summit: This time India managed to have a consensus on all issues and I am very satisfied with the Delhi Declaration. The G20, essentially a financial forum, has to take collective action whether it is crypto, global debt, etc. 

  2. I will completely credit the success of the G20 Summit to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for having a complete picture, much before we started, about India’s stature, India’s image. The vision of the PM played out and it benefitted all.

  3. The Delhi Declaration has set India in a different class altogether. We have proven that we can be a force for bringing people together even on very divisive issues and be a beacon of hope. 

  4. The maturity with which Indian negotiating teams handled it at every stage was “craftsmanship”. Remarkably, my G20 team was largely made up of women who led from the front. 

  5. On India’s Digital Payments Infrastructure (DPI): There’s a lot of interest in DPI. The way India has used digital infrastructure has earned praise from global leaders, including the World Bank.

  6. On the Indian rupee: Around 22 countries are approaching us to know if bilateral talks can be done over the Indian rupee. Many countries are running short on their dollar reserve. They are seeing the Indian rupee as a stable currency. 

  7. On Sanatana Dharma: I have lived experiences of what the DMK is talking about. Anti-Hindu, anti-Sanatana, and anti-caste are the pronounced policies of the DMK, and they execute them relentlessly. 

  8. On DMK: The people in Tamil Nadu have suffered. The rest of the country did not understand because of a language barrier. It has always been like that. Now because of social media, you do not even need a translator to know what a minister is saying. It is not surprising. DMK has been doing it for 70 years. It is hypocrisy.

  9. On Opposition: The INDIA bloc is against Sanatana Dharma. The government is willing to engage with opposition parties with facts. 

  10. On caste census: I am not going to comment. Different states are projecting it differently. 

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