Australian Woman Denied Heart Transplant Because Of Her Vaccination Status

    Australian Woman
    Australian Woman Denied Heart Transplant Because Of Her Vaccination Status

    Australia health authorities have denied a mother her much needed heart transplant after she received a medical exemption to forgo the covid jab.

    Vicki Derderian has been relying on ventricular assistance for her weak heart after it failed in 2020.

    Because of her condition, she received a medical exemption from the covid ‘vaccine’ to avoid the potentail risk of getting myocarditis or pericarditis. Both are well known adverse side effects of the jab.

    Breitbart reports: When it came time to receive her desperately needed heart transplant, the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services denied her. Per the New York Post:

    Vicki Derderian, from Melbourne, relies on a ventricular assist device to keep her heart functioning after it failed in 2020, and is desperate for a transplant.

    She did not receive the vaccine because she is concerned that doing so could increase her risk of heart conditions such as myocarditis or pericarditis which, although rare, can be serious.

    Ms. Derderian, a mother of two, expressed her frustration with the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services for their stance, which she characterized as “no jab, no heart.”

    Speaking with Channel 9’s Today Show, Derderian said that the vaccine mandates have interfered with patient-doctor relationships.

    “The hospital stance at the moment is no jab, no heart. I‘m ready to be on the heart transplant list because medically I’m stable to be on it. But unfortunately, because of these mandates, it has interfered with patient-doctor relationships,” she said.

    “Patients like myself, we‘re being pushed into a corner and coerced to take something that goes against what we believe in,” she added. “Or not receive lifesaving treatment. And also for doctors as well, they are forced to implement this on their patients otherwise they’ll lose their jobs.”

    Former Deputy Chief Health Officer Dr. Nick Coatsworth said that the greatest risk for Derderian would be to not receive the vaccine, potentially putting the transplanted organ at risk.
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