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Asked About Son’s Win Over Arshad Nadeem, Neeraj Chopra’s Mother Gives Stunning Reply


India’s ‘Golden Boy’ Neeraj Chopra hasn’t just become one of the most decorated athletes in the country but also one of the most loved. It was Pakistan’s Arshad Nadeem whom Neeraj had to beat in the final in order to claim to top podium spot. Despite there being an India vs. Pakistan rivalry in sports, Neeraj reiterated how fond he is of Arshad and the fact that he won a silver medal, makes him happy. Later, Neeraj’s mother also gave a priceless response to a reporter who asked her how she felt to see Neeraj beating an athlete from Pakistan.

A reporter asked Neeraj’s mother Saroj Devi in a press conference how she felt to see her son beating a Pakistani athlete. She won many hearts with her response, saying it doesn’t matter which place the athlete comes from.

“Look, all have come to play in the field. One or the other will definitely win. So there is no question of being from Pakistan or Haryana,”, adding, “It is a matter of happiness. Even if that Pakistani had won, there would’ve been great happiness,” she said.

Neeraj completed a full circle in his career, winning literally everything there was to be won. Like most international events he has participated in, Neeraj had Arshad by his side, competing with him for the top spot. But, like most of the previous events, it was the Indian who came out on top.

In a chat with the media after the match, Neeraj, in fact, said that he was happy that both India and Pakistan are coming up good in javelin throw, an event that has traditionally been dominated by European nations.

“I felt good that Arshad threw well. We spoke and discussed how both our countries are growing now. Earlier there were European athletes but now we have reached their level,” Chopra had said after the final.

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