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AI Chatbots Builds Software In Less Than 7 Minutes, Claims Study


Researchers have unveiled the incredible potential of artificial-intelligence chatbots.

AI-powered chatbots are making a significant impact in the world of technology, serving various purposes such as writing text, sharing information, problem-solving, and even assisting with programming tasks. Their capabilities are widely recognized and appreciated by users across different domains. The capabilities of AI-powered chatbots are constantly evolving as the technology improves. As AI chatbots become more sophisticated, they are increasingly able to perform even more complex tasks and provide a more personalized and engaging experience for customers.

A recent study has revealed that artificial intelligence chatbots, such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, possess the potential to effectively oversee and run a software company with minimal human intervention.

According to Gizchina, researchers from Brown University and Chinese universities did a test for the study. They wanted to see if a computer program could create software without any additional training using ChatGPT version 3.5. To test this, they created a fictitious software company called ChatDev. They divided the task into four parts: planning, coding, testing, and writing instructions.

Then they give all the important instructions to the computer programs required for completing the task.

The computer programs within the project had specific roles and responsibilities. While some were engaged as “programmers” and “art designers” during the “coding” phase, others assumed the roles of “CEO” and “CTO” in the work of “strategic planning.”

The news portal further mentioned that after assigning ChatDev 70 tasks, the research found that it could complete software development in less than seven minutes and for less than a dollar. It was also able to detect and fix problems on its own. According to the research, around 86.66% of the software it created was “perfectly done”.

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