Home News 4 Injured In Maharashtra’s Satara Amid Violence Over “Objectionable” Post

4 Injured In Maharashtra’s Satara Amid Violence Over “Objectionable” Post


The violence in Satara in Maharashtra happened late Sunday night.


Four people were injured – one critically so – after members of two communities clashed in Maharashtra’s Satara district on Sunday night. Stone-pelting and incidents of arson were triggered by an “objectionable” social media post, police said Monday.

The violence took place in the Pusesawali village in Khatao tehsil of Satara district at 9.30 PM on Sunday, following which internet services in the area were suspended as a precautionary measure. One video of the violence shows a group of people running down a busy street; they seem to be fleeing from something.

The video then pans back to show the rest of the street – along which shops and eateries are still open – and a police jeep.

Authorities, who have warned against believing or spreading rumours on social media, also said some houses were damaged.

A second video shows people running down a side street as what seems to be a building is on fire.

Other videos – from Monday morning – show charred and empty streets divided by police barricades and security forces walking around. One also shows a Sports Utility Vehicle with its rear window shattered and a two-wheeler that had been set on fire.

Police response was prompt and the situation is now under control, authorities said, adding that there is now heavy security presence and some individuals had been detained.

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