Home News 16-Foot Python Slithers Across Home’s Roof In Australia, Stuns People In Locality

16-Foot Python Slithers Across Home’s Roof In Australia, Stuns People In Locality


The python has been spotted slithering across the roof of a home.

Residents in a Queensland neighbourhood, Australia, were gripped with fear as they recently spotted a huge python in their backyard. As the slithering animal was seen moving across the roof, it spooked locals in the area, who wondered how it got there in the first place.

Many people gathered outside to see the unusual sight; one person shot the entire incident on camera, and the video quickly garnered a lot of attention online.

In the video, a child is heard crying as the huge reptile turns its head towards the onlookers.

Watch the video here:

“That is feral,” one woman is heard saying.

“They’re freaky, aren’t they?” Another replies as the python lifts its tail off the roof and then stops to look at the people from a tall tree before heading for another.

The video ends with the python moving between trees, leaving the onlookers astonished by its ability to maintain its balance and prevent any mishaps.

A carpet python is known to reach a weight of up to 15 kilograms and attain a length ranging from four to five metres.

Snake Catcher Dan from the Sunshine Coast, who regularly encounters the reptiles, told Yahoo News Australia that it’s common to see snakes move in such a way. When spotted in trees, it may mean they’re hunting a bird or possum or trying to avoid being hunted themselves.

“Their muscles, distributed properly, hold them up,” he said. “They reach out for a strong point, then they use muscle and weight to hold themselves up before stretching out to the next spot.

“It’s quite common to see carpet pythons in trees, either soaking up the sun, avoiding dogs or people, or hunting birds and possums. I find more pythons on the ground hunting than I do in the trees, but it’s not uncommon,” he said.

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